Where is my invitation/notification?

You must create and account and log into Central in order to receive your invitation. If you have not received it after approximately two weeks, it is possible that you did not activate your Central account or we received an error when we attempted to invite you. Please make sure that you provide the correct username when you sign up, or we won't be able to send anything even if you are approved.

If you are approved for membership, you will see a notification for a social group invitation on Central (under the greeting, last visit stats, mood and your forum gold balance). You will also receive our 'official' welcome letter via private message. Please be advised that it is your responsibility to check your notifications and PM inbox on Central.

Do not reapply if you don't see an invitation or notification. It is better to contact Willowdreamer via private message if you're having trouble finding your invitation because, nine times out of ten, the problem is getting used to the forum and not because the invitation wasn't sent or that we've ignored your application.

If we receive an error upon attempting to invite you or sending a private message, we will try to notify you via the email address you provide when you apply. Other than that, we receive too many applications to personally respond to everyone on an individual basis, unless there is a problem.