Can my child join if I give consent?

No, sorry. :( That would defeat the purpose of our group, which is to connect with other adult players. All members must be 21 years of age or older (or at least 18 to apply) to join Wizened Wizards. Underage relatives (children, siblings, neices, nephews, etc) can join Children of the Wise by having their parent, guardian, or related WW member submit their name via PM to LadyNightOwl on Central.

Please note that becoming part of the group for kids is no guarantee that they will play with Wizened Wizards members as those who join us want to play with their peers. Children of the Wise was originally created by another Wizened Wizard and all the parents (not all of us are, by the way) liked the idea of having our kids play with the children of people we've gotten to know through our group.

Like their older relatives, the "Wiselets" will be able to organize their own events, meet-ups, and so on amongst themselves.