Is Wizened Wizards a corporation?

No, this is a common misconception. Wizened Wizards is not a corporation or company. We don't sell any products or services, nor is there a membership fee involved with the group and there never will be. It is simply a private clan/social group for adults that was created on Wizard101 Central by LadyNightOwl, who is not (and never was) employed by KingsIsle Entertainment, Inc. (not that she would mind).

Additionally, applicants are not customers, clients, or consumers and the application is not an order form. It's more like an interview, with a little less pressure (your livelihood isn't on the line here). The first impression is everything. If you're rude, snippy, haughty, abusive, have the "I'm entitled to be a nasty customer" attitude, etc. - you can expect that the probability of your application being denied will be high regardless of how old you are.

Please be mindful of how you are communicating.