How do I accept my invitation?

On Wizard101 Central...

1. Check "Your Notifications"...

Click the 'down' arrow and then "Social Group Invitations [#]" from the expanded menu as shown here:


2. Click "Wizened Wizards" (or "Wizened Wizards II")...

3. Click "Join Group"...


4. Click "Yes" to confirm...


5. Welcome to Wizened Wizards! 

You will now be able to participate. A link to the group will also be on your profile.

Note About Participation

We've found that many new members get confused about what to do next after these steps. It's recommended that you read the WW Information Archive thread as it contains frequently asked questions for vetted members. Nothing requires additional approval or acceptance from me (LadyNightOwl), but does need some initiative on your part to get the ball rolling. You'll need to be prepared to speak up (at least eventually).

It helps if you introduce yourself and check out the other threads as well. Some of them are really important to ensure that you get to meet members from both WW groups.  If you have trouble navigating through the forum, you can let us know and we may be able to help or check out the forum FAQ. There are guides on how to use some features that may not be covered in the FAQ as well.