Why haven't I heard from the group?

  • All communications regarding the group take place on Wizard101Central. Get your Wizard101 Central account activated and post in the Welcome Forum or group discussions within the Central community as soon as possible.

Did you...


Subscribe to the group so you can keep an eye on new activity via your UserCP. Email notifications for this are optional, so if you don't wish to receive those, simply select "no email notification" when you come to that screen.

Also, please keep in mind that you may need to do some reading once you get into the group area, particularly (at least) the Info Archive thread that will help you get settled in. Feel free to reach out to others that are posting in there. Many of those who post most recently are the newest, so they might have come in as part of the same batch of invitations, making them just as new as you.


If some of these links aren't working, please be sure that you are logged into Central!