Code of Conduct

The following is a list of courtesies and guidelines for interaction within our group(s).

Membership Agreement

By completing the Wizened Wizards application for membership you understand that we are a group of adults and you must 21 years of age to join, or at least 18 to apply. You have read and agree to comply with Wizard101 Central's G-Rated (general audience) rules, the Wizened Wizards Eligibility requirements and Code of Conduct. You understand; that an application needs to be completed in order to be considered for membership and have read our Privacy Policy and you are submitting this information voluntarily, at your discretion, with the understanding that it will be used to verify your adult status.

You need a valid (activated) Wizard101 Central account and to login there in order to receive an invitation. The sending of invitations is not an automatic process based on your completion of this application. All responses to these questions and any content contributed to Central under the user-name provided may be considered for each applicant in the approval process. If it is discovered at any time that the answers provided to this questionnaire were false, knowingly inaccurate, or intended to deceive, you may be removed from the group if you've already been invited or denied if pending.


Each member is responsible for their own behavior in the game and on Central. We are not a "parental patrol" group or there to 'police' or supervise any other players and we are not granted special privileges from KingsIsle as members of this group (i.e., we have no authority to definitively answer customer service/support questions).

That being said, we do not condone being bossy, discourteous, rude, or abusive to any other member or player who is not a member of our group. If it is discovered or reported that a member is acting in any of the aforementioned ways, they will be subject to immediate removal from the group with or without notice.


We try to keep this as flexible as possible. We don't wish to make attendance mandatory as this is not always feasible or realistic, considering that our membership is comprised of people from all over the world.

Some members prefer setting up meetings spontaneously via our communication tools and others do better with regular schedules (which may be subject to change). Both ways are fine; all members are encouraged to do what is most comfortable for them and can set up as many M&G's as they like or are willing to host/attend.

If the current schedule that most seem to be following isn't working for you, you are free to set up one that is more compatible with your playing times and post it so others who might have a similar playing schedule (and may not have been attending the other meetings for the same reason) can see it.

Members are free to organize meetings amongst themselves without needing to ask the group leader for permission. That includes regular scheduling (especially if an existing schedule is no longer working for some reason or another), setting up boss runs, questing, pet mixing, etc.


Please help our group be a pleasurable experience for all involved. Wizened Wizards was created for adult players who are over the age of 21 and wish to enjoy Wizard101 and the company of our peers while we play. We realize that personality clashes are inevitable in a group with 1,000+ members, however, please do not involve the entire group in disputes by posting about it in group areas.

This is supposed to be for fun; so bickering, harassment, and things of that nature will not be tolerated. Settle arguments via private communications, contact a Central moderator if necessary - especially if someone is violating forum guidelines, or find someone else to play with. No one is expected to be best friends with everyone, but please - for the love of the Spiral - do your best to be civil with each other, at the very least.


If we notice that you never participate after several months (particularly when we see that you seem to have no trouble being active elsewhere), you will be removed to make room for those that really want to make new friends and use the group for it's true purpose. It is a social group - please try to be social! Real life emergencies, priority shifts, leaves of absences, vacations, and so on are understandable - letting your membership collect dust for no particular reason is not. Please keep in mind that you may lose it if we find that you're not using it.


Out of respect and consideration for members who may be offended or often have children beside them, it would be appreciated if everyone kept their conversations clean. Please be advised that using vulgar language is a violation of both Wizard101 Terms of Service and Wizard101 Central's guidelines and disregarding this can result in being banned, which would also revoke your membership to Wizened Wizards.


The Central forums have played a large part in this group’s creation, evolution, and continued existence. Please remember that although we are adults, we will be subject to most of the same rules and guidelines as the rest of the "G Rated" (General Audience - Family/Kid Friendly) community as we contribute to discussions and content there. If in doubt, please check with the group leader or a Central mod or admin before posting.