Is WW a PVP group?

From time to time, we get some applicants that ask or express concerns about PVP as they aren't fond of it.

The Official WW Position

We're not a PVP group, however, some of our members do enjoy this aspect of the game.

It's really at each individual's discretion and will have no bearing on your membership to Wizened Wizards (group 1 or 2) if you prefer not to participate in PVP. It's included in the tip for the "Interests" field as part of an example and not meant to imply that we're dedicated to any particular activity other than getting connected with other adult players.

When our group and the game was much newer, some of us were very enthusiastic about PVP. There weren't as many things to do aside from questing - no pets, gardening, crafting, fishing, etc. We're very diverse, so some of us enjoy doing as many things as the game has to offer and some have developed preferences for certain activities over others. Either way is accepted.

The members who do like PVP may post topics or plans for WW-only tournaments, but this doesn't mean that everyone is obligated to participate in them, especially not if they don't want to. The same applies to members who have parties at palaces with PVP arenas; it's still considered an optional activity and there are usually other things planned by the host as well. Please don't let that deter you from attending those if the rest sounds fun and you can make it!