Privacy Policy

We understand that privacy is important and have designed our application to be as non-invasive as possible.

Due to the nature of our group being intended for adults, Wizened Wizards does collect some personal information through our application system in order to verify the ages of applicants and to ensure that we can reach you regarding errors that may be encountered while processing submissions.

The information we collect includes; your email, your date of birth, age, and the year of graduation from High School or completion of a G.E.D. program. Information disclosed in your introduction is at your discretion. An explanation of most of our questions is provided here, in our FAQ.

We do not sell, distribute, or otherwise disclose information we collect to third-parties.

We do not request or accept any kind of payment information as membership is and will always be free. An option for donations may added to our web site in the future, however, any data you transmit will be handled through PayPal, encrypted and not stored anywhere on our server.

Any cookies that may be used on this site are purely for authenticating sessions initiated by you and we do not analyze or share any related data.